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Indian Chemist

I reached here, as you predicted, from Stiles blog with the help of Joshua's link.

The only low point of his blog is what exactly that anonymous distingushed chemist emphasize. Still, considering present American youth's vocabulary he seems putting considerable effort to minimize profanity.

the silenced

In actuallity Dylan is an arrogant ass. His life is about being as odd and perpendicular to the norm as possible. While funny and avant gard the kid is a know it all with little appreciation for anything other than his own. IMHO

lonestar cowboy

Synthetic organic chemists have egos? Who could be giving such impressions???


"the silenced" sounds extremely jealous; I wish he would grow up.


Need free lunch too. Refer to 1st site listed on yahoo http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=chemical&fr=yfp-t-500&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8

It's the one before C&EN News and cas.org :p


Uncle Al

If Dylan Stiles and his Tenderbutton (an epic tale) achieve historic persistence, then surely it will be for... wait for it... the jet black lab coat.

One apparently cannot purchase a jet black knee-length cotton lab coat. Its creation would discourage even Odysseus. Lab coat lust is a beautiful thing given Zollinger's "Color Chemistry."

Intelligent Dye Sign

the silenced

the silenced sounds extremely jealous; I wish he would grow up.

musicanimal...lets go with me knowing him better than you might guess. Call my opinion 1st hand.


So when does Uncle Al get an interview?


I know Dylan pretty well, having worked a few hoods away for the past 4 years, and I've never heard anyone call him arrogant before. He may be odd, but that's the way we like him.


Regarding comments from the silenced, "lets go with me knowing him better than you might guess:"
I'd bet you any amount of money that your opinion of Dylan Stiles would be that of the vast minority if not solely your own. Perhaps you should try to get to know him still better. I think you might find out that he's a pretty cool dude.


Uncle Al: Go to ebay or google and search "black lab coat." They exist and are cheap.

That said, I don't know why you'd want a black lab coat. It'd be hard to tell when it's contaminated/dirty. While fine for underwear, the smell test should not be used for protective gear.


What is appealing about Tenderbutton is that we're reminded that chemistry is really cool. The molecules, the glassware, crystals, the odd environment of the laboratory, and the people. Spending your best years in a chemistry R&D lab is a fascinating experience but most of us become jaded over time. I still get a kick out of growing crystals, doing synthesis, and seeing the NMR spectrum of a new product. It's just cool.

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